Monday, February 27, 2012


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THE Bad Beat BLOG Where YOU can tell the World YOUR Worst Bad beat !

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I no way am endorsing Casino Gambling or Gambling in any way or FORM this is just a Blog to talk about the Pros YOU see on TV who play for a living Legally ! 
DO NOT GO play poker in any online site or in any casino or play in an illeagle house game run by someone who profits from taking a cut from each POT ! 
I do not endorse or recommend any TYPE of gambling HERE ! THERE are Many FREE sites where YOU play for FUN and thats all it should be for FUN not betting YOUR money and risk losing the bill money or YOU salary !

Hello Welcome to The Bad Beat Blog. You can tell everyone now those horrible ugly bad beats that
made you scream ,curse,call the person every stupid name you can think of right here.

Of Course Now No Foul Language is permitted or commenting on other persons bad playing style it's just a way for YOU to Vent Your frustrations
and maybe we can learn how to avoid these bad beats !

YES many of us play online (NO MORE NOW it's illegal)and even though i do not like holdem i'am forced to play it. Holdem is nothing more than 7 card stud with 5 common cards. The Reason i do not consider real poker is because How can you lose with aces Full to Aces Full in the same hand ?

Simple heres How YOU may hold AJ YOUR opponent holds AQ
YOU both Pre Flop raise and may have two others in hand call
FLOP Comes A J A bang You flop The Nuts Aces Full over J's!
Now You know that AQ ain't going away !

Turn card is a 10 YOU Bet large again and Of Course The river comes the Q
YOU bang it HE raises with higher FH A's full over Q's !

YES a Bad Beat but one where you got beat by a better hand which is ok!

THE UGLY Bad Beats are the ones that drive me and YOU nuts !

Whether YOU got Beat bad online or in Real time I want to hear about it !
I Shall start it off with the worse most incredible miracle bad beat that i ever Took in My life !

IT was 2007 when i 1st joined a legal poker site known as pure play !
It is the only Legal USA site where you play to earn points to enter tournaments and win money. YOU never have to pay money to enter any tournament as in other sites where YOU risk your cash and can lose thousands of dollars in a week!

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OK I was in tournament where we had 300 entrants ! I was up $980 because no one was calling my preflop raises and i only had 1 or 2 callers
that didnt go to river with me !

I was dealt the Pocket aces A of clubs and A of Diamonds so I raise pre flop
$980 Two callers !

FLOP 10 A K all in i go they called Hands open one guy has J of d 10 of h
other guy Has Q of spades Q of C's OK i'm not a winner yet but the Turn brings THE K of D's I have the NUT FH I cannot lose Right ?
NO way can J -10 win he his drawing dead The QQ is drawing dead also!
RIVER comes a J of spades ! SO I'm waiting for The Chips to come to me !

NOPE They went to the Guy holding The QQ The J of spades gave him a GUT Shot Royal flush !

I screamed like someone stabbed me in the back almost broke my monitor
I hit it so hard !

Realize there were only 3 J's left in the deck and at least 30 cards !

THE odds were humonguos that the only card i could lose to was the J of spades !

NOW if this was 7 card stud I do not lose that hand Just give me aces FH over K's he cannot buy a royal flush because the 10 of spades would have been MY up card with my POCKET Aces !

SO I learned that it is better to just raise and not go all in at any time unless you have the NUTS like ACE hi flush on flop with NO pairs on board !

OK post YOUR Bad Beats HERE in OUR Forum so others can read them !

Have a Great day !


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